Why store with us?

1. Northway Stem Cell Bank is the only bank in Lithuania which examines and stores its specimens in Lithuania.
After collecting the cord blood, the time window for stem cell recovery is critically important because the quality, viability, and volume of the stem cells depend on it. This is very important for the maintenance of a therapeutic effect of the stem cells. Northway Stem Cell Bank guarantees the recovery of stem cells within 24–48 hours.

2. Highest Quality Standards.
Northway Stem Cell Bank’s activities have been accredited by the State Health Care Accreditation Agency for health care organisations. The implemented Quality Management System allows for monitoring and evaluation at each stage of cell retrieval. The International Standard ISBT 128 is applied to coding and storage of specimens. This is the Global Standard which ensures the precision, safety and efficiency of operation at the highest level.



3. Modern equipment from Switzerland is used for stem cell processing.
The Swiss Sepax-2 system is used for stem cell recovery. It is an automated, sterile and functionally closed processing system which demonstrates high rates of cell recovery and consistency. At the present, Sepax-2 is the Gold Standard in umbilical cord blood stem cell recovery. The largest cord blood banks in the world employ this system.

4. We conduct a thorough analysis of the recovered stem cells.
Each specimen undergoes thorough examination to prevent risk of infection. We also carry out many other examinations of the recovered stem cells to confirm their quality and therapeutic effect.

5. Highly qualified staff.
Northway Stem Cell Bank employs experienced biologists and genetic scientists who constantly improve their qualification by participating in local and international conferences. They gain knowledge and experience to provide services which meet the highest Quality Standards.

6. Innovative technologies and scientific work.
Northway Medical Centres and the Stem Cell Bank it owns belong to Northway Group of companies, and collaborate with the Stem Cell Examination Centre which works on the development of the most modern and advanced stem cell processing and storage technologies. These companies are engaged in scientific research in the field of stem cells, closely cooperate with our scientists by applying the newest and state-of-the-art stem cell processing and storage technologies.

7. Northway Medical and Surgical Centre – more than 10 years of experience and high-quality services.
The Centre provides medical services which meet the highest International Quality Standards. The Centre has been accredited by the Joint Commission International, an organization based in the United States. JCI accreditation is the highest international evaluation of the healthcare provider's quality and safety. The Centre has implemented the Quality Management System, which complies with the requirements of the International Standard ISO 9001:2008 and has been acknowledged by the International Certification Organisation.

8. We collaborate with Birthing Centres.
Northway Stem Cell Bank maintains a close collaboration with Lithuanian Birthing Centres and obstetrician-gynaecologists (OB/GYN) who work there.